ZEHO ECO shared international cooperation and local practices of waterfront ecological restoration technology

2023/04/04 2300

On April 3rd, the establishment meeting of the National Ecological Environment Vocational Education and Teaching Guidance Committee (Ecological Environment Guidance Committee), jointly organized by the Propaganda and Education Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Management Committee of Qingdao West Coast New Area, was held in Qingdao West Coast New Area. Li Baojun, Vice President of ZEHO ECO, was invited to share international cooperation and local practices of waterfront ecological restoration technology.

Li Baojun, Vice President of ZEHO ECO, was invited to speak

Li Baojun introduced that ZEHO ECO is committed to the restoration and protection of habitats, and supports the full process ecological protection practice under the concept of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) through the integration of industry, academia, and research. ZEHO ECO gathers global resources, collaborates with international companies, experts, and scholars to carry out strategic cooperation, international work camps, and exchange inspections in waterfront ecological restoration, and forward-looking layout of the industry's long-term development. In order to realize the localization of international concepts, ZEHO ECO has cooperated with several national laboratories, and has carried out joint construction with the "National Engineering Laboratory of Lake Water Pollution Treatment and Ecological Restoration Technology" of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, the Third Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the State Key Laboratory of Urban and Regional Ecology of the Ecological Environment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and developed a series of technologies for ecosystem construction, waterfront ecological protection and restoration, Accumulated practical experience from rivers, lakes, and oceans.

The ecological restoration of the buffer zone along the Erhai Lake in Dali has introduced NbS to build a systematic watershed management system, utilizing natural efforts to gradually restore the Erhai Lake to a resilient, healthy, and sustainable natural state. The conceptual design of Jiaxing's "Nine Rivers Connecting the Heart" landscape is to carry out urban riverside ecological restoration with waterfront plant community with Jiangnan characteristics, build a bio friendly blue green corridor, improve the comfort of microclimate, and create a cultural landscape of "people in the landscape, movement is the landscape experience".

Ecological restoration of the Dali Erhai Lake riparian buffer zone

Conceptual Landscape Design of Jiaxing's "Nine Rivers Connecting the Heart" 

In recent years, the ecological engineering practice of ZEHO ECO has shifted from rivers and lakes to the ocean. The Putian Blue Bay project restores natural habitats through a natural ecological engineering method, enhances the function of blue carbon, and applies various measures such as wetland restoration, restoration to beach, ecological transformation of sea embankments, tidal absorption in the inner bay, and restoration of windbreak forests according to local conditions, creating a sustainable coastal water land boundary. The ecological restoration of the Jianwai River on Lingshan Island in Nansha, Guangzhou is carried out by combining the characteristics of regional hydrology and meteorology, and utilizing various combination ecological methods such as geotechnical methods and branch sinking beds to carry out ecological restoration on the coastal shoreline of the tidal reach. The ecological transformation project of the hard seawall in Dongguan Binhai Bay New Area adopts the ecological engineering module cultivation technology based on the NbS concept, which can solve the problems of low vegetation survival rate and high offshore construction costs in strong power coastal areas. It provides an innovative solution for the ecological transformation of the hard seawall.

Putian Blue Bay

Ecological restoration of the Lingshan Island Tip, Nansha, Guangzhou

Ecological Engineering Method Module Training and Transfer Technology Based on NbS Concept

ZEHO ECO is committed to the restoration of waterfront ecology around rivers, lakes, and seas. Based on water security, guided by ecosystem construction and biodiversity protection, it implements ecological engineering methods such as soil and water conservation, assisted purification, and species conservation, and encourages natural work and succession to build a near natural and vibrant waterfront structure. In the future, ZEHO ECO will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, contribute expert resources, ZEHO's wisdom, and ZEHO's technology, and closely cooperate with the ecological environment vocational education cooperation network organized and led by the Propaganda and Education Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, to make greater contributions to solving the ecological problems of the waterfront.

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