ZEHO ECO participated in the "Earth Hour" China main event, contributing wisdom to protect biodiversity

2023/03/27 2349

On March 25th, the "Earth Hour" China main event, jointly organized by the Propaganda and Education Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the World Wildlife Fund (Switzerland) Beijing Representative Office, and the Kunshan Municipal People's Government, successfully held in Kunshan, Jiangsu province. The theme of this event was "Give One Hour for the Earth", calling on all sectors of global society to join the "One Hour" movement and work towards a better future for nature. ZEHO ECO was invited to share the company's experience in biodiversity conservation in Erhai Lake at a themed forum, and participated in the launch ceremony of the "I Devote One Hour to the Earth" ecological environment volunteer service activity.

At the "Biodiversity-friendly City" themed forum held at the same time, Kong Linghua, the head of the Ecology and Environment Department of ZEHO ECO, explained the design concept of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) from a practical perspective and its application in the Erhai Lake case study. She summarized the successful experience and provided wisdom and reference for biodiversity conservation and achieving harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

Kong Linghua, the head of the Ecology and Environment Department of ZEHO ECO

On the evening of the same day, the "Earth Hour" lighting ceremony was held at Kunshan Contemporary Kunqu Opera Theater. At the light out ceremony, ZEHO ECO, the Publicity and Education Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Ecological Environment, the China Environmental Protection Federation, the ecological and environmental departments of Jiangsu and Sichuan provinces, and other enterprise representatives jointly launched the large-scale ecological and environmental volunteer service activity of "I Devote One Hour to the Earth", advocating the public to actively participate in the practice of ecological and environmental volunteer service, and conveying this determination, action, and dedication.

Launch ceremony of "I Devote One Hour to the Earth" ecological environment volunteer service activity

Kong Linghua introduces that Erhai Lake, known as the "mother lake" of Dali, is not only a national-level nature reserve but also a dwelling place for many ethnic minority settlements. However, the concentration of population and the rapid development of the tourism industry have intensified the conflict between humans and the environment. The once-clear water source is now facing severe issues such as eutrophication, algae blooms, declining biodiversity, and the increasingly aggressive presence of invasive species.

Increased contradiction between people and land

Water quality faces severe challenges

China places significant emphasis on the protection and management of Erhai Lake, and Dali has initiated a comprehensive effort to rescue the lake. The ecological restoration of the Erhai Lake riparian buffer zone, undertaken by ZEHO ECO, is a significant project and represents the final ecological security barrier for the lake.

ZEHO ECO has conducted a thorough analysis of Nature-based Solutions, placing species habitat protection at the forefront. Through five core ecological restoration strategies - "Reshaping Natural Space, Improving the Healthy Lake Ecosystem, Establishing Sustainable Self-Management Systems, Adding Low-Interference Service Systems, and Preserving Erhai's Natural Sacred Heritage" - ZEHO ECO has delved into the vital role of biodiversity in safeguarding Erhai Lake. The ultimate goal is to allow nature to work its restorative magic, creating a natural, healthy, and sustainable shoreline buffer zone that supports water purification and ecological rejuvenation.

Remodeling the natural space along the lake shore

Improve the ecological system of healthy lakes

Open space with low interference to the environment

Thanks to the implementation of Nature-based Solutions, the ecological quality of Erhai Lake has undergone significant improvements. The diversity of plant and animal species has notably increased, with the reappearance of the Ottelia acuminata (a type of plant that is sensitive to water quality changes), the "star waterbird" Porphyrio porphyrio, and the "world endangered bird" Aythya baeri. The nationally protected bird, the Crested Ibis, can also be seen dancing in the wetlands. The riparian buffer zone of Erhai Lake has not only contributed to ecological protection and restoration but has also effectively addressed social challenges, improved local people's well-being, and ultimately achieved sustainable, low-carbon, and green development in preserving Erhai Lake's natural sacred heritage.

Erhai Lake Riparian Buffer Zone restores to natural condition

Ottelia acuminata in Erhai Lake

Significant improvement in biodiversity

Research and learning base helps Erhai become a natural education classroom

"Earth Hour" is the largest global public environmental participation event with significant impact. This year's event marks a significant milestone as it is the first time in 15 years that the national ecological environment regulatory body, international organizations, and local governments have jointly hosted the event in China's main city. It is also the first time that the event has been held nationwide, with a main city and multiple participating cities.

With 26 years of experience in ecological environment, ZEHO ECO has been committed to promoting sustainable development. It has established three core businesses - ecological environment, ecological housekeeper & park+, and biodiversity-themed parks - to provide full-cycle biodiversity protection. ZEHO  looks forward to continuing to work with all sectors of society to achieve sustainable development between humans and nature through the implementation of intelligent ecological solutions.

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