Conference of Carbon Neutral Industry Development: ZEHO ECO is focusing on industrial upgrading towards carbon neutrality

2023/03/03 2524

On February 28th, the 2023 Conference of Carbon Neutral Industry Development was held in Baoding, Hebei Province, with the theme of “Change and Opportunity: Global Carbon Neutralization Industry Reconstruction”. During the sub-forum “Carbon Neutrality and Industrial Innovation and Upgrading”, Zhang Yijun, Chairman of ZEHO ECO, shared the company’s industrial upgrading path towards carbon neutrality.

Zhang Yijun, Chairman of ZEHO ECO, made a keynote speech

The China Society of Land and Economy, the Publicity and Education Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Training Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Industrial and Cultural Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the North China Electric Power University jointly sponsored the conference. The event focused on topics such as the opportunities and changes of global carbon neutrality, carbon neutrality and industrial innovation and upgrading, global carbon neutrality and energy revolution. The conference aimed to explore global carbon neutrality technology routes and gather consensus on industrial development policies to support China in achieving its carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.

According to Zhang Yijun, achieving carbon neutrality requires the organic integration of ecological restoration, environmental regeneration, and industrial upgrading. ZEHO ECO has been at the forefront of this effort, actively carrying out product and technology innovation and upgrading centered around carbon neutrality. Through the building of ecological environment bases, the digital empowerment of ecological stewardship, the revitalization and operation of green assets in theme parks, integrating rural leisure tourism industry, and introducing innovative low-carbon industries, the company has helped in the transformation towards urban green and low-carbon development and has achieved regional sustainable development.

ZEHO ECO focuses on the industrial upgrading of carbon neutrality

Zhang Yijun explained that ZEHO ECO has adopted ecological engineering methods to repair damaged ecosystems, which has reduced repair costs, lowered the carbon footprint of material transportation, restored the carbon fixation function of the ecosystem, and increased environmental resilience to cope with climate change. This was achieved by adjusting measures to local conditions, using local materials, and utilizing low-carbon environmental protection materials. The Dali Erhai Lake Project, based on the concept of Nature-based Solutions (NbS), restored the buffer zone of Erhai Lake to its natural state. This, in turn, restored the local natural carbon sink function, increased the area of forest, grassland, wetland, and other habitats by 82.5%, and increased the total carbon storage by 28,400 tons.

The natural carbon sink function of the Erhai Lake in Dali has been restored

To meet the increasingly high expectations and requirements of the combination of ecological environment and digital technology, ZEHO ECO has continued to increase its investment in industrial intelligence. The company has independently developed "Ecological Housekeeper" products, which utilize big data analysis and ecological management models to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and promote the transformation from traditional maintenance to digital management. The "Ecological Housekeeper" is a smart service platform for ecological space in the new era based on EM-Lab. It provides comprehensive services such as the preservation and appreciation of ecological assets, operation and maintenance management, natural classroom, GEP accounting, and carbon budget assessment.

ZEHO ECO independently develops "Ecological Housekeeper" products

The Putian Blue Bay Project has applied the "Ecological Housekeeper" to build the Putian Smart Bay Integrated Management System. This system provides scientific data support for the restoration and construction of the Putian coastal ecosystem and blue carbon measurement. It combines carbon sink monitoring, carbon neutralization deduction and evaluation, and gross ecosystem production (GEP) accounting. Tangshan Huahai's "Ecological Housekeeper" intelligent maintenance management system has achieved accurate and efficient, intelligent greening and maintenance services for about 2 million square meters of the park. This has resulted in reduced costs and increased efficiency of management and maintenance operations, improved the ecological value of blue-green space, and enhanced biodiversity.

Putian Blue Bay Smart Bay Integrated Management System

Tangshan Huahai "Ecological Housekeeper" Intelligent Maintenance Management System

"Ecological Housekeeper" Smart Management APP

To achieve the upgrading of carbon-neutral industry, activate the stock of green assets, drive regional development, and shape the city brand, ZEHO ECO has created the "Kingdom of Life" theme park. This park is positioned as China's original biodiversity theme IP natural park. Visitors to the park can experience the magnificent epic of the evolution of life on earth, explore the richness and diversity of life, reveal the internal driving force of species diversity and work together to protect the future of biodiversity.

“Kingdom of Life” theme park

4 standard theme modules+1 local feature modules

Centering on the transformation and upgrading of urban and rural low-carbon, “ZEHO Pastrolism” focuses on building a rural low-carbon leisure tourism system, providing urban residents with an idyllic life experience place for weekend and suburban micro holidays, and providing local governments with comprehensive implementation solutions for rural revitalization with cultural and tourism benchmarking projects.

ZEHO Pastrolism

Zhang Yijun expressed her hope to share advanced ideas and experiences, promote the exchange and cooperation of carbon neutral industry and technology, and leverage the advantages of ZEHO ECO's products and technology to collectively create the capital of carbon-neutral industry in Baoding City.

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