ZEHO ECO was invited to make a keynote speech at The 2nd China Digital Carbon Neutrality Summit Forum

2023/02/27 1788

On February 25, the 2nd China Digital Carbon Neutrality Summit Forum with the theme of "Digital Leading Green Development" was held in Chengdu, with guidance from the Central Cyberspace Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the People's Government of Sichuan Province.

As a leading enterprise in eco-environment for many years, ZEHO ECO was invited to the meeting. Wang Hongda, Vice President of the Institute of Sustainable Development, gave a keynote speech on the theme of "Digital Ecology Empowers Low-carbon Life" at the sub-forum of "Green Low-carbon Digital Life".

Wang Hongda, Vice President of the Institute of Sustainable Development, gave a keynote speech

Wang Hongda stated that ZEHO ECO has become an eco-environment technology operator, incorporating the construction of an ecological environment base, digital empowerment of the Ecological Housekeeper, and the revitalization and operation of green assets in theme parks. We utilize Nature-based Solutions (NbS) as our concept and provide a full-cycle service for the protection and restoration of the eco-environment.

To meet the heightened expectations and requirements of the merger of the ecological and environmental protection industry and digital technology, ZEHO ECO has consistently increased its investments in industrial intelligence and has independently developed the “Ecological Housekeeper” product, driving the industrial development of digital technology and ecological governance. Positioned as a smart service platform for ecological space in the new era based on EM-Lab, “Ecological Housekeeper” provides a complete, full-chain and multimodal array of services for urban public green spaces, including green asset maintenance and appreciation services, operation and maintenance management, natural classroom, GEP accounting, and carbon budget assessment.

ZEHO ECO independently develops “Ecological Housekeeper” product

At present, the concepts and technologies have been successfully applied to multiple projects. The Dali Erhai Lake Project, using Nature-based Solutions (NbS) as its concept, will restore the lakeside buffer zone of Erhai Lake to its natural state, restore the local natural carbon sink function, increase the space area of forests, grasslands, wetlands, and other habitats by 82.5%, and increase the total carbon storage by 28,400 tons. The Putian Blue Bay Project is building its integrated management system of Putian Smart Bay with the ecological application of “Ecological Housekeeper” product, incorporating the functions of carbon sink monitoring, carbon neutralization deduction and evaluation, and gross ecosystem product (GEP) accounting, to provide scientific data support for the restoration and construction of the Putian coastal ecosystem and the measurement of blue carbon. Jinhua Chishan Park, included in the construction list of “Hangzhou 2022 19th Asian Games Carbon and Forest”, also uses “Ecological Housekeeper” product as the carbon sink monitoring and management platform and the park comprehensive management platform, successfully realizing carbon sink monitoring and low-carbon intelligent management for the park.

Dali Erhai Lake has restored the local natural carbon sink function

Putian Blue Bay Smart Bay Integrated Management System

Jinhua Chishan Park Carbon Sink Monitoring and Management Platform

In Tangshan Huahai, the “Ecological Housekeeper” intelligent maintenance management system not only provides accurate and efficient greening maintenance services for approximately 2 million square meters of park space, resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiency of management and maintenance operations, improved ecological value of green and blue spaces, and increased biodiversity, but it also quantitatively and qualitatively evaluates the ecological function and low-carbon benefits of park green space assets through its biological assessment system and carbon neutralization monitoring system. This allows for full exploitation of the park's ecological and carbon-neutral value, thereby helping Tangshan achieve its dual-carbon goals.

Tangshan Huahai "Ecological Housekeeper" Intelligent Maintenance Management System

"Ecological Housekeeper" Smart Management APP

At this summit forum, academics and experts from the fields of digital, ecology, environmental protection, energy, and finance shared their insights and presented their achievements in digital carbon neutrality. ZEHO ECO hopes to share its innovative technology and practical experience, build consensus with all stakeholders, and work together to promote the development of digital green collaborative transformation.

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