COP15 China Day: ZEHO ECO shared the practical experience, cultural integration and value education of biodiversity conservation

2022/12/16 1614

On December 7, 2022, the second phase of the fifteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) launched in Montreal, Canada. China Day at the Pavilion for Subnational Governments & Cities on 13 December, ZEHO ECO shared its practical experience, cultural integration and value education in biodiversity conservation.

the 7th Summit for Subnational Governments & Cities and its associated Pavilion

China Day at the Pavilion for Subnational Governments & Cities

ZEHO ECO has been deeply involved in biodiversity conservation for 25 years, and the keynote speech made in the first phase of COP15 has received a warm response. The company was again invited to take part in the second stage of the meeting. Zhang Yijun, the chairman of the board, as a representative of Chinese enterprises, exchanged views with the leaders and guests domestic and abroad.

Zhang Yijun, Chairman of ZEHO ECO, was invited to take part in the communication

Since China has raised biodiversity conservation as a national strategy, from the top-level design of policies and plans to the national action under the promotion of public awareness of enterprises and individuals, all levels of concerted efforts have achieved a series of results. Zhang Yijun proposed that the series of achievements cannot be separated from the participation of private enterprises, and ZEHO ECO, as one of them, is committed to being a pioneer practitioner and value communicator in biodiversity conservation.

Zhang Yijun said that ZEHO ECO was committed to the restoration and protection of habitats, supported the whole process of ecological protection practice under the NbS concept with integrating production, education and research, and established laboratories with the Ministry of Ecological Environment and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and developed a series of technologies for ecosystem construction, marine ecological protection and restoration. Since 1997, we have built over 200 biodiversity conservation and restoration projects. The Dali Erhai Lake Project has brought the “water quality vane” Ottelia acuminata and the “star water bird” purple chicken back to the water edge. After the construction of the Baiyangdian project in Xiong’an New Area, the rhododendron fish, which has not been seen for many years, has returned to the lake, and the blue-headed diving duck has also settled down here. The Lingshan Island Tip Project in Guangzhou has made the mangrove in the intertidal zone flourish again, Putian Blue Bay reappears the ecological beauty of clear water and green shore, and egrets are dancing into the picture. The beauty of biology in the project site has spread the concept of biodiversity conservation to the public.

Dali Erhai Lake Project brings the Ottelia acuminata back to the water

The Baiyangdian Project in Xiong’an New Area allows the bitterling fish and blue-headed diving duck to return to the lake

Guangzhou Lingshan Island Tip Project makes the mangroves in the intertidal zone flourish again

Putian Blue Bay reappears the ecological beauty of clear water and green shore, and egrets are dancing into the picture

Focusing on the long-term development of biodiversity conservation, ZEHO ECO is also committed to providing popular science education for the next generation and being a value educator of biodiversity conservation. In the “Kingdom of Life” nature park, developed by ZEHO ECO and themed by biodiversity, we have transformed butterflies, nighthawks, fireflies, elk and mushrooms into interesting cartoon images and embedded them. Even extinct animals and plants have become lifelike with the help of virtual technology. The children will travel as the “ecological guardian” in the story and establish the awareness of protecting biodiversity through the immersive experience created by amusement facilities and virtual reality.

"Kingdom of Life" nature park with biodiversity as the theme

Fun experience space integrating nature and recreation

Immersive technology field combined with virtual reality

She stressed that biodiversity conservation needs joint efforts from the government to the people. ZEHO ECO, as a representative of the people’s power, is honored to play an important role in biodiversity conservation, and proposed that relevant governments, institutions and enterprises in the industry work together to launch several high-quality and diversified ecological products with distinctive ecological protection education and demonstration significance around the world, protect the earth through education and entertainment.

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