Jinhua Chishan Park

Location:Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
Keywords:Supporting facilities for the Asian Games, ecological restoration and smart park
Area:48 hectares
As a supporting project for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, a key project in Jinhua City, and the largest comprehensive hilly ecological park in the first ring of the urban area, Chishan Park is in the southwest of Jinhua Duohu CBD, covering an area of 465,000 square meters. The park integrates ecological restoration, forest health care, leisure and recreation. It is a beautiful part of Jinhua’s “one core, two mountains, three rings, three axes, six wedges and eight parks” ecological pattern, and helps the city realize its ecological and livable development vision.
(1) The Garden of the Asian Games
As a “back garden” connected with the water system of the sub village of the Asian Games, Chishan Park serves and supports the Asian Games during the Games, providing athletes with a high-quality environment to rest and relax before and after the Games, and providing a venue guarantee for the high standard of event quality. In the post Asian Games period, Chishan Park will serve the main urban area of Jinhua for a long time. The rolling hills and slopes, oxygen rich ecological forests, and outdoor facilities for intelligent and interesting interaction provide citizens with an excellent place to explore the wild and share health, meeting the diverse needs of leisure and fitness, forest experience, and science education.

(2) The Garden of Ecology
Before construction, the site of Chishan Park mainly comprises demolition sites, Hongyan Mountains, ponds, roads and a small amount of vegetation. According to local conditions, the project will keep the hilly geomorphic features and native plant communities of the original site to the greatest extent, connect the pond water system based on the original landscape skeleton, scientifically mix peat soil and organic fertilizer to improve the sandstone red soil, build micro terrain and red rock mountain landscape based on the mountain, build subtropical ecological plant communities, repair damaged ecosystems, and enrich the seasonal color of plants; The riparian restoration also respects the nature. With plants, logs, gravels and stones as raw materials, four ecological engineering methods, including natural vegetation revetment and gabion revetment, are selected for the quasi-natural revetment restoration. The garden road is mainly paved with permeable materials, further implementing the concept of sponge city.
Chishan Park is surrounded by mountains and rivers, linking the landscape with the park. Twelve theme landscapes, including Chiya Creek Garden and Wusen Valley, are distributed among them, allowing visitors to experience ecology and embrace nature in this “urban green lung”.

(3) The Garden of Intelligent
Chishan Park is also a “smart park”, a positive response to “accelerating digital development” and building a “digital Zhejiang”, and another implementation of ZEHO ECO’s “ecological butler” product.
The park integrated management platform tailored for Chishan Park integrates smart service, smart management, smart operation and smart experience to achieve smart management, energy conservation and efficiency enhancement of the park, and build a carbon sink monitoring and management platform to realize the visualization of carbon sink data of green assets of the park. In combination with the original scene of the park and the theme of the Asian Games, four outdoor smart and fun experience facilities were added the National Health Smart Track, the Children’s Fun Track, the Interactive Smart Tree, and the People’s Lamp Interactive Track, to improve citizens’ sports interest and garden experience. The first model park with the theme of “intelligent + ecology + sports” was successfully built, making Chishan Park an important display window for urban ecological concepts, urban culture, and digital construction.
The construction of Chishan Park is not only the preservation and restoration of the existing mountains and water bodies, but also the continuation of the urban landscape pattern and the inheritance of Jinhua culture and the memory of the Asian Games. In the future, Chishan Park will continue to improve the function of the natural science education base, become a new model of ecological construction in Jinhua City, and become a new member and benchmark of the Yangtze River Delta City Park.
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