Blue Bay in Putian City

Location:Putian City, Fujian Province
Keywords:smart coastal area
Area:180.48 hectares
In July 2019, Putian City submitted The Implementation Plan of Blue Bay Remedial Action Project in Putian City (draft for approval). According to the implementation plan, the overall goal of the Remedial Action Project was to comprehensively improve Xinghua Bay and Meizhou. Guided by the value of ecological services in the sea area of the Bay, through the effective implementation of the Putian Blue Bay Remediation Action Project, we improved the quality of the coastal ecological environment of Xinghua Bay and Meizhou Bay and the living environment of coastal residents, had pollution and ecological disasters under control, safeguarded nature reserves and marine functional areas, made greater progress in improving the marine environment, and restored the important ecosystem functions that had been damaged.

Located at Xiuyu District, Futian City, Fujian Province, the EPC Project of Blue Bay Remedial Action Project in Putian City (the Section of Northern Bank of Meizhou Bay) ——Smart Project coverd an area of 180.48 hectares.
In order to accurately monitor various indicators of the coastal area, effectively control coastal pollution, and evaluate the results of the Blue Bay Remedial Action Project and other coastal remedial action projects, ZEHO ECO established the Putian Blue Bay (North Shore) Ecological Environment Big Data Platform, including tracking and monitoring system for marine environmental impact, integrated management system for marine data, restoration results evaluation system and corresponding supporting equipment.

As the big data application system of the platform of data management center, the Putian Blue Bay (North Shore) Ecological Environment Big Data Platform, gets monitoring data from multi-source systems through simulation, search, and comparison, and achieves comprehensive management of the monitoring data through integrated processing technologies such as integration, storage, and management. The tracking and monitoring system for marine environmental impact provides data search and display functions, supports single-criterion, multi-criteria and other search methods, and visualizes the search results (based on GIS maps, lists, histograms, run charts, etc.).
Data visualization: Panoramic display of important hydrological and water quality indicators such as waves, wind, and water temperature of the Blue Bay (north shore), promotion of Mazu culture, the ecological engineering methods of the Daai Lake wetland, real-time date of tidal curves, monitoring data of biological specimens, etc.

Monitoring and early warning: The precise location and related data of various monitoring buoys in the area are clearly demonstrated, so are the operation of online devices. Data such as the total amount of carbon sink, carbon storage, and the value of carbon sink in the area are visualized.

Ecological restoration and evaluation: We compared the Blue Bay index before and after the restoration as graphs and showed the evaluation criteria of the Blue Bay index.

Biodiversity protection: Residents put photos and videos of plants, birds, fish, and benthos in the area into the system for positioning and classification and they can clearly see the population distribution of different species.
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