"Principles on AI for Biodiversity Conservation Launching Ceremony and Workshop" was held in Beijing, and ZEHO ECO was invited to speak

2022/08/26 2430

On August 25, the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA), the Beijing Representative Office of the World Animal Protection, The Institute for AI International Governance of Tsinghua University (I-AIIG), the Artificial Intelligence Collaboration Network for Sustainable Development, the Institute of AI Ethics of the Munich University of Technology, the African AI Center, the AI and Data Governance Center of Singapore Management University, and the Stanley Ho Massive Data Decision Analysis Research Center of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, jointly launched the initiative of “Principles on AI for Biodiversity Conservation” in Beijing, and held a workshop on “AI and Biodiversity Conservation” after the launching ceremony.

Principles on AI for Biodiversity Conservation Launching Ceremony and Workshop

As a leading enterprise in biodiversity protection for years, ZEHO ECO was invited to speak at the workshop. Du Pu, the Vice President of Digital Technology BU, shared the practice of ZEHO ECO in AI to promote biodiversity conservation with the experts.

Du Pu, the Vice President of ZEHO ECO Digital Technology BU

Du Pu first gave a brief introduction of the company. As an enterprise deeply engaged in ecological and environmental protection for many years, ZEHO ECO has been committed to exploring the way of harmonious coexistence between human, animals, plants and habitats in the living environment. We believe that the realization of this goal not only depends on the planning and design of ecological restoration and bioengineering construction, but also needs to attach importance to the long-term maintenance and operation activities after construction.

In order to better realize ecological protection in ecological space conservation and management, ZEHO ECO has established a digital science and technology section to explore how to use intelligent technical approaches to achieve the purpose of ecological value promotion and biodiversity protection in the ecological space conservation and operation phase. ZEHO ECO has developed an intelligent management integrated platform for the maintenance and management of the ecological space of human- ZEHO ECO Housekeeper.

ZEHO ECO Housekeeper

In order to realize the improvement of biodiversity in the area where human activities are frequent, it is necessary to establish a scientific, reasonable, and intelligent ecological conservation management mode, exert a positive influence on the ecological space through management behavior, and guide the people to change their habits and cognition of the ecological environment. All these can not be separated from the support of digital technologies including AI. ZEHO ECO Housekeeper takes this as the goal and takes the “ecological space around the living environment” as the boundary to provide comprehensive services such as environmental monitoring, comprehensive management and maintenance, property services, ecological value assessment, carbon sequestration calculation, GEP accounting and other full chain and multi-modal services.

Among them, the intelligent maintenance management module is used as a daily maintenance management tool. It can intelligently generate maintenance and management operation plans and protect plants, animals and habitats in the park with more scientific and reasonable operation methods. The ecological assessment system calculates and evaluates the ecological factors, environmental quality, plant growth, and ecological diversity. It transforms the previous perceptual cognition conclusion into a quantitative evaluation standard, and is used to evaluate the effect of intelligent maintenance operation, and then introduced into the calculation as a reference factor for the upgrading and change of intelligent algorithm. And guide the maintenance management operation through ecological effect assessment to realize the implementation of ecological conservation.

Du Pu took the Ecological Renovation of Putian Blue Bay Coastal Zone, the Ecological Restoration of Cangzhou Canal Cultural Park as examples to demonstrate the implementation of the Ecological Housekeeping platform. He also explained how the platform integrated the growth, life images and monitoring data of animals and plants into a localized biological sample library by using AI, and developed a popular science small program to promote localized ecosystem popular science education.

Environmental Monitoring and Ecological Assessment System of Putian Blue Bay

Monitoring System of Plant Growth Process in Cangzhou Canal Cultural Park

Plant Science Education APP

Bird Science Education APP

Besides the representatives of academic institutions and experts and scholars who jointly released the initiative, representatives of well-known technology enterprises including Huawei and Megvii, experts and media representatives of international organizations including UNESCO and the Paulson Institute were also invited to attend the workshop. The invitation reflects the organizer’s affirmation of ZEHO ECO.

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