Guizhou Province “Infinite Cloud” Hot Spring Resort

Location:Liuzh Special District, Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province
Keywords:Guizhou’s unique spiritual destination, national study and travel camp
Area:1.38 km²
The "Infinite Cloud" project is the only spiritual destination in Guizhou Province. The project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan, a total area of 138 hectares, and a planned construction area of 52 hectares. The resort is invested, constructed, and will be operated by ZEHO ECO and it is expected to open in 2022.

The construction site is in Langdai Town, Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province. The town enjoys hot spring resources and an average annual temperature of 15℃. It was awarded the title of "China's Cool Capital" by the Chinese Meteorological Society. The resort is only 30 kilometers away from Huangguoshu Waterfall. It isadjacent to the Shuihuang Highway, the primary artery of tourism and traffic to the north. And it is 1 hour away from Anshun Huangguoshu Airport and 2.5 hours away from Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport.

As China tries to promote ecological civilization and green and sustainable development and against the backdrop of new development pattern of domestic circulation, alternative forms of consumption will become an important driving force for stimulating domestic demand. China's GDP per capita in 2019 has exceeded 10,000 U.S. dollars, marking that the country has become a major big middle-class country. The rise of the new middle class will lead to consumption upgrades and regular vacations. “Vacation” has become one of the main lifestyles of the middle class in China, and vacation is not a luxury in the era of booming tourism, but the products that can satisfy the “picky” tourists are now scarce. When the material products are ubiquitous, only the spiritual retreats can achieve higher levels of pleasure...The "Infinite" project is aimed at meeting the spiritual demands of this time.

Guizhou Province has actively "opened its door" to embrace the world in recent years. The spirit of Guizhou Province and its unique natural resources call for a spiritual carrier. The "Infinite Cloud" project came into being in time, helping to explore a fresh path for the development of mountain tourism in Guizhou Province and create a new type of vacation product that meets the needs of the current time.
The "Infinite Cloud" Resort is aimed at seeking the values and resonating with the world: the “road of exploration” has never been smooth. We need to trek over “mountains” to practice our own unboundedness. Stop, restart, improve, and gain the power to start again.

We will build a system that refines body, mind, and soul. Its core is to return to the nature and regain the inner strength. In a process of observation, exploration, thinking, discovery, challenge, and self-surpassing, we talk with ourselves, with the nature, and with the world, and return to the real thinking of life. "Infinite Cloud" Resort can provide a spiritual journey that includes both natural miracles such as Huangguoshu and Longgong Cave and inner realization.

The resort is divided into two major areas: the Hot Spring Area includes 160 high-end room with a private bath and one wooden house for hot spring, a comprehensive Service Center with restaurants, bars, and meeting rooms, and the only Cloud Health Center in Guizhou Province with hot spring spa, swimming pools, and health checkup services. The “Cloud Health Center” will focus on “preventive treatment” and “pre-medical care”. With the help of R&D of Swiss high-end health food and product suppliers, we “check (genetic testing, customized physical examination, and cloud diagnosis and treatment), clear (Traditional Chinese medicine and mental detoxification), nourish (Traditional Chinese medicine, western health care and anti-aging treatment)” to achieve health of body, mind, and soul.

The other area is a national study and travel camp, which contains a multifunctional center that can be used for big conferences of 500 people. We will create a stage for performances and exhibitions on the theme of birth and growth, collision and integration, creation and change. Everyone will be welcome to reshape their self-worth through lectures and performances, etc.; an immersive science popularization space is built for science popularization on "nature and life"; there will also be a star wish book bar, an auditorium, and outdoor adventures or places such as the path of the earth, jungle adventures, firefly forests, seed planet parks, and landscape theaters. We created a system of classes for elementary and middle school students to travel and study. We take environment, life, plants and other themes as the core to recall the missing parts of modern people. We should see the nature as our friend and respect all the things in the nature. We built an unbounded museum and classroom for nature education.
The Guizhou Province "Infinite Cloud" Resort will become a symbol of Guizhou spirit and Guizhou’s sustainable development. It will bring direct ecological, social and economic benefits to Liuzhi Special District.

Ecological benefits: With the development concept of "traceless mountain forest" and with the help of forest restoration, water environment management and other projects, we optimized the regional water system, built an ecological buffer system, and restore the water ecosystem; we restored vegetation communities to form a high-coverage forest with diverse species; on the premise of ecological conservation, the ecological footprint was reduced as much as possible to form a mountainous tourism destination with sustainable characteristics.

Economic benefits: We integrated resources, promoted regional coordinated development, and operated this project in a big picture perspective to reshape the layout of Liuzhi Special District. After the operation becomes stable, it will attract about 150,000 tourists per year, including holiday groups such as elementary and middle school students, company stuff, middle-class parent-child families from cities, etc., bringing in over 50 million yuan per year.

Social benefits: The resort will promote “tourism plus” industrial transformation, boost employment, and foster rural revitalization, creating a win-win situation for people, the government, and enterprises. We will build a green ecosystem, sustainable green industry and urban-rural linkage. This green is sustainable, and it is the essence of "Infinite Cloud".

The local government has appreciated the new service system and development. As an exemplary project of "promoting high-quality tourism development", Guizhou Province “Infinite Cloud” Hot Springs Resort has been designated as the principal venue of the 2021 Liuzhi 15th Tourism Development Conference.
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