Jinhua City Chishan Park Smart Upgrade Project

Location:Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
Keywords:smart park
Area:48 hectares
The “14th Five-Year Plan” and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035 revealed the major national strategy of "accelerating digital development and building a digital China” and the development concept of "new infrastructure" and “fine management”. Zhejiang Province is also actively exploring the development mode of “digital Zhejiang” and “powerful province in digital life services”.

As an important supporting project for the 2022 Asian Games, Chishan Park is an important place for promoting a convenient and healthy life for residents in Jinhua City. However, the existing supporting facilities still have problems such as isolated data islands, complex operation methods, inefficient resources, lack of highlights necessary for sports in the park, and lack of new experience, which cannot meet the requirements of convenient, inclusive, intelligent management.

ZEHO ECO was the general contractor for the construction of the park. ZEHO Technology took the place of ZEHO ECO to finish the project, providing a full range of services from concept, strategy, plan, follow-up implementation to operation and maintenance.

Site Features and Challenges

Chishan Park is one of parks that are on the central axis in Wucheng New District of Jinhua City. On the east side of Dongshi South Street and the north side of Huancheng South Road, it covers an area of about 48 hectares. Before the upgrade, we took a thorough look at the original nine information systems and their secondary functions of Chishan Park and found that the functions can only meet the management requirements of a conventional park.
This smart upgrade was aimed at making Chishan Park the first comprehensively smart park in Jinhua City that integrated smart services, smart experiences, smart management, and smart operation, the first model park with the theme of "sports + smart+ ecology", and the first "Asian Games" healthy park with characteristics of Jinhua City.

In this smart upgrade, we mainly focused on "two additions and one update" for the original project list.

(1) Add a comprehensive management platform to achieve efficient services and comprehensive management.

In response to the fine management requirements of Chishan Park, we created the planform of "Jinhua City Chishan Park Smart Operation Center" and four systems—"smart service", "smart management", "smart operation", and "smart experience", covering nine modules—smart lighting, transportation and parking, information release, people flow monitoring, environmental monitoring, smart maintenance, smart security, interactive facility management, and smart science popularization. Consequently, data of the park was integrated into the platform for comprehensive management. We prioritized “smart service” while maintaining “smart experience” and left interference for data for “smart management and operation” in the future, creating a model for other parks.

Cooperating with the tourist service center, we built a high-tech smart exhibition hall as the display window for our platform and systems, science popularization of the unique Chishan geology and ecology of Jinhua City, and the 2022 Asian Games.

(2) Update/integrate existing smart facilities to achieve energy saving and efficiency.

We incorporated three kinds of poles for landscape lighting, video surveillance, and digital inspection into an integrated smart light pole system, added functions such as smart dimming, infrared sensing, environmental monitoring, emergency identification and alarm, and integrated them into our planform and systems to achieve unified management and control; for the public address system and the parking lot management system, we kept the original facilities, but added a software development kit (SDK) for unified data management, control and data linkage; we also updated other supporting facilities.

(3) Add outdoor interactive facilities to enhance the IP highlights of the 2022 Asian Games.

Based on the original Chishan Park, we added four smart and fun outdoor facilities: "National Health Smart Track", "Children's Happy Track", "Interactive Smart Tree" and "Human-Light Interactive Track".

AI Smart Track: We set the 1,800-meter first-class road in the park as a healthy running track for people. Facial recognition, cloud computing, big data analysis and other AI technologies can collect runners’ basic sports information, perceive changes in runners’ body function, and give scientific tips and sensible suggestions, creating a new way of running. Running mile redemption activities were also added.

Children's Happy Track: We set the 100-meter road on the east side of the large lawn at the entrance as the children's running track. With the help of human sensing technology and lighting control system, children can interact with the lights and have an amazing experience.

Interactive Smart Tree: Five groups of power-generating bicycles were set up on the large lawn at the main entrance. The speed of the bicycles was linked to the brightness of the tree lights, which is highly attractive and popular. This improved citizens’ participation in doing sports and helped residents to know more about green energy.

Human-light Interactive Track: We embedded interactive lights into the 100-meter track on the west side of the large lawn at the main entrance. With different lighting speeds, human-light races were carried out to make better running experience.
Efficient service and comprehensive management were realized. With the help of the smart upgrade, we solved the genuine problems of isolated data islands, complicated facilities, and non-intensive resources, to achieve service optimization, data exchange, energy saving and efficiency improvement, which facilitated the fine management of the park. Automated control could reduce labor cost of later operation and maintenance, and it is estimated that working hour would be reduced by about 3,132 man-days/year, and the labor cost would be saved about 432,000 yuan/year, so HR effectiveness was effectively improved.

Energy saving and efficiency improvement were achieved. Compared with traditional lighting, smart lighting can automatically adjust according to environmental conditions to full use the natural light, save power, and prolong the life of the lights. The automatic dimming function of smart lighting can save power by 30%, which is about 44144 kilowatt/year and about 50,000 yuan/year. The life of the lights can also be prolonged.

The highlights of the 2020 Asian Games were enhanced. We used high-tech to innovate in fitness and entertainment. We integrated lighting, track and fitness equipment with sports, leisure, technology and so on to provide citizens and tourists with a low-carbon, smart and fun experience in a high-quality venue for sports and leisure, improve citizen participation in sports, help citizens to achieve a healthy life, and improve their satisfaction.

A model of a smart park was provided. This smart upgrade responded to the call of the national digital reform. Through the construction of smart Chishan Park, we provided Jinhua City with a model of digital application innovation, and also provided support for the construction of smart cities in Zhejiang Province. It can also serve as an innovation center combining digital technology and natural science.
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